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Claudia & Marty's Wedding

Claudia and Marty had an intimate wedding on Saturday, May 4, 2024. Claudia had the most exquisite gown! Marty looked equally dashing in his suit. Her bouquet and flowers, crafted by the talented hands of Flowers by Jeffrey, added the final elegant touches.

They said their vows in front of their nearest and dearest at Heckton Church in Fort Hunter Park in Harrisburg, PA. A beautiful historic church overlooking the river at the park.

Their ceremony was a blend of many traditions. They truly made it their own.

We had originally planned for outdoor photos, but plans had to be changed because of rain. However, the church provided a romantic setting for timeless memories within it's historic walls.

Following the ceremony, we ventured to Thea's restaurant in Mechanicsburg, where the celebration continued with cocktails and laughter.

The ambiance was vibrant, with delicious food and wine. It wouldn't be a proper event without the wine! Especially, since Marty is a wine aficionado with the Boisset Wine Collection.

And oh, the desserts! Maryalice Derr's creations stole the show, each cake and cupcake a delectable masterpiece, adding a touch of sweetness to an already unforgettable day.

To Claudia and Marty, Thank you for allowing me to take part in your day. It was an honor and a pleasure to work with you. May your journey together be filled with countless moments of love, laughter, and everlasting happiness. Cheers to a lifetime of love and adventure!


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